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We  are currently limiting our new client intake. Please email for more information.

Is traveling to the veterinarian's office difficult for you and your pet? Give us a call!  978-406-9632

Veterinary Home Visits was created for owners just like you. We want to give your pet(s) the best care possible but in their own homes.

Who can benefit?

  • the scared or nervous animal

  • the dog or cat that is great at home but aggressive in the clinic

  • the mom or dad with young children at home

  • the multiple pet owner 

  • those unable to get out of the house so easily 

  • and many more!

disable senior house calls
Scared pet house calls
Unfriendly pet house call
puppy house call
Multiple pet house call

Veterinary Home Visits is NOT an emergency or urgent care practice. All our visits are by appointment only. We are typically booking for 2-3 weeks out. If you have an emergency or urgent care need, please contact one of the local veterinary emergency rooms or urgent care facilities. You can find their information on our Contact page.

Middleton, MA                    978-406-9632          

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